Geographic Response Plans (GRPs)

Geographic Response Plans (GRPs) are geographic-specific response plans for oil spills to water. They include response strategies tailored to a specific beach, shore, or waterway and meant to minimize impact on sensitive resources threatened by the spill. Each GRP has two main priorities:
  • To identify sensitive natural, cultural or significant economic resources.
  • To describe and prioritize response strategies in an effort to minimize injury to sensitive natural, cultural, and certain economic resources at risk from oil spills.

GRPs are developed in partnership with Washington State Department of Ecology, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (OR-DEQ), the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as part of the Region 10 Response Team (RRT) and Northwest Area Committee (NWAC).

The following interactive map shows all GRPs currently developed for Washington State; both marine and inland areas. A listing of Washington State GRPs is also provided below.

To view additional map layers, including rail lines and oil by rail facilities, click here: View Larger Map

The following is a list that shows all GRPs currently developed for Washington State; both marine and inland areas. Click the GRP name to download PDF chapters or a full version of the plan. 

GRP Name Partner Agencies
Admiralty Inlet/Hood Canal WA-Ecology, USCG
Central Puget Sound WA-Ecology, USCG
Clark/Cowlitz WA-Ecology
Columbia River WA-Ecology, OR-DEQ, USCG, US-EPA
Grays Harbor WA-Ecology, USCG
Nisqually River WA-Ecology, EPA
North Central Puget Sound WA-Ecology, USCG
Outer Coast WA-Ecology, USCG
San Juan Islands/North Puget Sound WA-Ecology, USCG
Snake River WA-Ecology, OR-DEQ, US-EPA
South Puget Sound WA-Ecology, USCG
Spokane River WA-Ecology, US-EPA
Strait of Juan de Fuca WA-Ecology, USCG
Willapa Bay WA-Ecology, USCG
WRIA-7 WA-Ecology, EPA







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