Nooksack River Geographic Response Plan (NOOR-GRP)

Nooksack River Photo

The Nooksack River GRP (NOOR-GRP) covers 256 square miles of Whatcom County, including 50 miles of the Main Stem and South Fork Nooksack River. These 50 miles of the river are downstream of BNSF railroad tracks. Twenty-one miles of the Nooksack and many miles of tributary creeks are also downstream of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Oil Pipeline, delivering Canadian oil sands products to refineries on the coast. The lower 6 miles of the river includes crossings by I-5, the BP Northwest Pipelines District, the Trans Mountain Pipeline, and BNSF tracks carrying crude oil unit trains. The Nooksack Reservation, a portion of the Lummi Reservation, and the settlements of Ferndale, Lynden, Everson, Nooksack, Deming, Acme, and Saxon are included in the planning area.

View the Nooksack River GRP (June 2017) (PDF 16 MB)

Public comments received during the 30-day comment period in fall 2016 will be answered in a response summary posted alongside the final version of the plan.

Interim Updates

In between plan updates, GRP strategies are tested during drills and actual spill events. The results of these tests may require changes to certain response strategies, notification strategies, staging areas, or boat launch locations. Eventually, these changes will be fully incorporated into the plan. Until that time, please use the updated strategy and information sheets below in lieu of that provided for similarly numbered locations in the published plan.

No interim updates currently available

How to Comment

If you have any questions, suggestions for improvement, or find errors in this document, submit comments online at, email to Ecology at, or forward your comments via U.S. Mail to the following agencies:

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Washington State Department of Ecology
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