North Central Puget Sound Geographic Response Plan (NCPS-GRP)

North Central Puget Sound is a diverse area. It includes many different types of shorelines, from large marshes on the mainland to wave cut platforms on Whidbey Island. Much of the land in the area is rural, rural residential, or conservancy. Seven state parks and dozens of boat ramps and marinas can be found throughout the region. Everett is an active port city located in the southeastern part of the area. It has an extensive waterfront, populated by wood processing facilities, marinas, parks, and vessel repair facilities. Outside of Everett, local economies are based primarily on natural resource use and tourism. Aquaculture, commercial fishing, and recreational fishing are active and important industries throughout the region. The U.S. Navy maintains two bases in the area: Naval Station Everett on Port Gardner Bay and Naval Air Station Whidbey Island near Oak Harbor.

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Interim Updates

In between plan updates, GRP strategies are tested during drills and actual spill events. The results of these tests may require changes to certain response strategies, notification strategies, staging areas, or boat launch locations. Eventually, these changes will be fully incorporated into the plan. Until that time, please use the updated strategy and information sheets below in lieu of that provided for similarly numbered locations in the published plan.

BL-NC-246 - Camano Island State Park
HATS-1.75 - Hats Slough WDFW Boat Launch
NC-06.1 - Kiket Island Lagoon
NC-06.2 - Kiket Island Reef
NC-06.3 - Kiket Island Tombolo
NC-08 - North Tide Gate on W side on Swinomish Channel
NC-08.1 - Central Tide Gate on W side of Swinomish Channel
NC-08.2 - South Tide Gate on W side of Swinomish Channel
NC-10.1 - Lone Tree Point (Tosi Pt.) Lagoon
NC-10.2 - Lone Tree Point (Tosi Pt.) Lagoon
NC-10.3 - Lone Tree Point (Tosi Pt.) Lagoon
NC-13 - Davis Slough at Highway 532
NC-14 - Stillaguamish River (West Pass) at Highway 532
SA-NC-246 - Camano Island State Park

How to Comment

If you have any questions or comments, suggestions for improvement, or find errors in this document please submit comments online at, email them to us at, or forward them via U.S. Mail to the following agencies:

United States Coast Guard
Sector Puget Sound
Incident Management Division
1519 Alaskan Way S
Building 4/IMD
Seattle, WA 98134-1192

Washington State Department of Ecology
Spill Prevention, Preparedness, and Response (GRPs)
P.O. Box 47600
Olympia, WA 98504-7600