Technical Manual Guidance for Vessel Contingency Plan Holders

What is a technical manual?

"Technical manuals" are manuals intended to be used as a planning and training documents to support the understanding of response capability of plan holder owned and PRC dedicated and non-dedicated equipment.

The technical manuals will be used to inform the five year Best Achievable Protection (BAP) Review cycle by supporting Ecology's determination that the response systems, training levels, and staffing demonstrate BAP.

Under WAC 173-182-349 Vessel oil spill contingency plan holders are required to submit technical manuals if they operate or transit in the Neah Bay, Cathlamet, or San Juan Islands planning standard areas. The technical manual must include all of the equipment appropriate for the operating environment that is necessary to meet the recovery and storage requirements for the worst case discharge through a forty-eight hour time frame.

Technical manual review

Ecology created a guidance document that should be utilized by regulated industry in the development of Technical Manuals in accordance with WAC 173-182-349. The document may also be used by interested tribes, agencies, and public to better understand the content included in required technical manuals.

You are not required to use the template developed by Ecology in the development of your technical manual. The sample technical manual is provided as one example for fulfilling the requirement.

Submitting your technical manual

Many vessel plan holders do not own equipment and rely entirely on their Primary Response Contractor to provide spill response assets. If this is the case, the plan holder may choose to develop a manual which details the equipment assets they can access through their Primary Response Contractor or the Primary Response Contractor can submit the technical manual as an addendum to their Primary Response Contractor application for reference by the plan holder.

If a PRC submits a technical manual on behalf of their plan holder(s), and lists the plan holder(s) in the manual, they should work with the plan holder(s) to identify relevant information including oil types covered under the plan and worst case discharge (WCD) volumes covered under the plan.

All technical manuals submitted to Ecology will be subject to public review and comment periods in accordance with WAC 173-182-640. Approved technical manuals will be made available for review via the Spills Program FTP internet site.

Relevant Rule Excerpts

WAC 173-182-345 Determining effectiveness of recovery systems.

WAC 173-182-349 Covered vessel plan holders technical manuals.

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