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The WRRL is a database that stores data on various types of oil spill response equipment in the Pacific Northwest.  In 1997, the earliest version of the WRRL was created during a drill when a participant started listing and tracking equipment with an excel spreadsheet.  Not too long after that drill, District 13 of the U.S. Coast Guard was approached by several of the response contractors to chair a group that would eventually create a way of listing and tracking the regions response resources.  There have been several different versions of the WRRL since its inception and the current web based version of the WRRL is hosted by GenWest Systems Inc.  It is the equipment owner’s responsibility to update and maintain their equipment information on the WRRL.  The WRRL can be accessed by clicking on the following link, WRRL. If you don't have an account simply click on "Guest" to access the database.

One of the main advantages of the WRRL is that it provides a uniform system to describe and list equipment. Each piece of equipment that is entered in the database is given a unique “WRRL ID” that provides a standard way of tracking and listing equipment in the region.  The database can be accessed via the internet and downloaded in a variety of formats.  Once the information is downloaded the data can be used in a number of different ways.  It can be used to locate and order response equipment during a drill or spill, provide an overall picture of the regions response resources, be used for developing and reviewing oil spill contingency plans, assist in cost accounting, or by an organization to track their own resources.

The following documents were created to provide basic information on the WRRL as well as show how equipment should be entered into the database.  In the future, specific examples of equipment and how they should be entered in the database will be added to this site.

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