Contingency Plan Review & Public Comment

When a new plan is submitted to Ecology for review, it is a new plan, comments may be provided on content of the entire plan. During this 30-day period, Ecology reviews the plan using the plan review checklist. Blank checklists for facility plans, pipeline plans, vessel plans, and vessel umbrella plans are available on the technical assistance for industry webpage. At the close of the 30-day public comment period, Ecology considers any comments received and makes a decision to approve, deny, or conditionally approve the plan. A conditional approval means that Ecology has identified items on the checklist that were not met and has requested that these items be submitted before a full approval is granted. The completed checklist that details which items are required is made available on this page. When updates to the plan are received and Ecology determines that the items on the checklist have been satisfied, the plan is made available for an additional 30-day public review before Ecology makes the final decision to approve the plan.

Below you will find information on which plans are available for public review, plan reviews completed by Ecology, and comments received from the public.

The following plans are currently available for public review:

Plan Holder Public Review Begins Public Review Ends
Alaska Tanker Company updates 11/24/2015 12/24/2015
SeaRiver Maritime Inc. updates 11/24/2015 12/24/2015

The following plan reviews have been completed and the checklist is available for review:

Plan Holder Initial Review

Ecology received the following comments on plans that are currently under review or in conditional approval:

Comments Received By Comments Regarding
Alpha Sales Tech BP Pipelines Northwest Pipelines
Jaime Rackley BP Pipelines Northwest Pipelines
Washington Dept of Fish & Wildlife BP Pipelines Northwest Pipelines
Pipeline Safety Trust BP Pipelines Northwest Pipelines
Friends of the San Juans BP Pipelines Northwest Pipelines

To view a copy of plans currently open for review, you may do the following:

Send comments by email to Comments sent by regular mail or fax can be sent to the address or fax number below:


Preparedness Section
300 Desmond Drive SE
Lacey, Washington 98503
Office: 360-407-6251
Fax: 800-664-9184

If you would like to be notified when documents are available for public review, you may join our contact list in the following ways:

  • Washington State government LISTSERV. You will also receive updates on news and information related to oil spill issues.
  • Contact Linda Helmick at (360) 407-7452 or


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