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Voluntary Best Achievable Protection (VBAP) and Exceptional Compliance (ECOPRO) Program for Tank Vessels

Ecology does not require that tank vessels have spill prevention plans. However, tank vessels, tank barges, and articulated tank barges are encouraged to participate in Washington's Voluntary Best Achievable Protection and Exception Compliance Program (VBAP/EcoPro). These standards are designed to fill important safety gaps which Washington state has identified as critical for our waters. By utilizing safety management systems which exceed federal regulatory minimums, we improve the safety of Washington waters. The standards were developed jointly with industry representatives to provide more stringent but attainable operating procedures by today’s proactive marine oil transportation companies. By participating, your company will receive public recognition for their commitment to environmental and safety excellence in vessel operations. For more information contact Lori Crews.

Read published articles from Western Mariner and Seaways, the International Journal of the Nautical Institute about Ecology's VBAP/EcoPro program.


If your company elects to participate, it will receive public recognition for its commitment to marine safety and environmental stewardship. In addition, your company name will be posted on Washington's VBAP or ECOPRO list.

Interested in joining? Take a look at our guidance documents:

Contact Information

Lori Crews, Vessel Inspector
Phone: 360-407-7538, e-mail: locr461@ecy.wa.gov