How do I enroll for the ERTV?
The industry-funded ERTV is managed by the Marine Exchange of Puget Sound.  Information about enrollment can be found at the Marine Exchange website.  Alternatively, your umbrella plan or third-party multi-vessel plan holder can provide you with information on how to enroll. 
How do I request ERTV assistance?
Information on how to dispatch the ERTV is included in your vessel’s oil spill contingency plan field document.  The decision to dispatch the ERTV must be made by a qualified individual (QI) representing the vessel or a governmental agency that is authorized to order the ERTV.  The Washington State Department of Ecology and the United States Coast Guard are legally authorized to dispatch the ERTV to respond to an emerging incident or as a precautionary measure. 
What must I do after the incident is resolved?
Any time that the ERTV is deployed on your behalf as a result of a spill or vessel emergency that poses a substantial risk of a spill, the Department of Ecology requires you to submit a written report that includes a detailed description of the incident and what actions were taken (RCW 88.46.135(5)). Whenever possible, you should also include photographs to document the incident.

Below is a template report that can be used to satisfy this requirement:
ERTV Sample Post-Deployment Report   (PDF) (Word)


Below you’ll find links to information pertaining to the ERTV, including rates and forms for ERTV enrollment, frequently asked questions, and instructions on what to do after your vessel experiences an incident that requires deployment of the ERTV.
Marine Exchange of Puget Sound ERTV Website:
ERTV Forms at Marine Exchange Website:
ERTV FAQ’s at Marine Exchange Website:
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