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Facilities that work with domestic sewage and biosolids are required to pay a fee to support the state biosolids program. In general, the bigger the waste water treatment facility, and the larger the number of residences that contribute to the facility, the larger the fee. Beneficial use facilities, that only land apply biosolids received from other facilities, pay a reduced fee to avoid charging a fee twice for the same biosolids.

Fees vary, depending upon size and type of facility. For the 2018 fiscal year there is a minimum fee of $956.09 per facility. In addition, there is a one-time fee of $2868.28 for review of new facilities.

Current Fee Schedule (2018 Fiscal Year)

Note that the minimum fee is $956.09
Facility Type Fee Formula
Septage Management $956.09+ Gallons/1,250 x $0.342
(Beneficial Use Facilities, Composters)
$956.09+REVreceived x $0.081
Out-of-state, Tribal $956.09+REVexported x $0.342
Incineration $956.09
All others
(Includes Most Wastewater Treatment Plants)
$956.09+(REV<100,000 x $0.342)+(REV>100,000 x $0.255)
New facility Review Fee $2,868.28
  • REVreceived = residential equivalent values received
    (based on the portion of the residential equivalent values contributed from each source)
  • REVexported = residential equivalent values exported
    (based on the portion of the annual production of the facility that is exported into the state)
  • REV<100,000 = residential equivalent values less than 100,000
    REV>100,000 = residential equivalent values greater than or equal to 100,000

To learn more about permit fees, see WAC 173-308-320 (Permit Fees).