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Regulatory Information

Regulatory Resources will be useful for:
  • Those who prepare biosolids,
  • Those who apply biosolids,
  • Regulators,
  • Those who want to learn more about biosolids management.
These resources are intended to assist and direct landowners, treatment plant operators, biosolids managers and others in complying with rules and laws pertaining to biosolids use. These resources may not address every situation or issue you may encounter. Contact your regional biosolids coordinator if you have questions.

Appendix of forms relating to the biosolids program.

Permitting Process
The step-by-step process involved in applying for coverage under the biosolids general permit.

Land Application
  • Meeting the Standards
    Overview of how Pollutant, Pathogen, Vector Attraction, Class A, B, and Exceptional Quality standards can be met.
  • Site Selection
    Outlines elements necessary to qualify a site for land application.
  • Site Design
    Outlines elements necessary to design a plan for land application on a particular site.
  • Site Management
    Outlines elements necessary to maintain a well selected and designed land application site.
  • Application Rate
    Information specific to calculating and applying biosolids at an appropriate application rate.
  • Sampling
    Supporting information on how and when to conduct sampling.
Information for septic pumpers with regard to how the work fits into the biosolids regulations.

Explanation of what processes and requirements that need to be met in order to compost biosolids.

Explanation of how biosolids fees are calculated.

Regulatory Links & Resources
Categorized lists of links that may be useful to those permitted under the biosolids program.

Regulatory FAQ
Answers to common questions about the biosolids program and its processes.