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Improving Commingled Recycling in WA photo identifier

Improving Commingled Recycling in WA

Regional Workgroups - Northwest

Goals & Objectives

Final Report


Optimize the residential curbside recycling collection and effective processing system of suitable paper, packaging and other recyclable materials which:
  1. Provide customer, environmental, social and economic benefit (jobs, local economy, end-users);
  2. Result in quality materials for return to commerce;
  3. Ensures public confidence in the recycling system; and
  4. Provides ease of use by residents.


  1. Evaluate all existing materials at curbside to determine whether they are working toward goal.
    1. Then decide what action to take (equipment of MRF, partnerships, remove material) and how to communicate action.
    2. Evaluate the feasibility of harmonization on program acceptance list and messaging
  2. Review all existing outreach tactics and feedback methods that have been tried. Then determine tactics to pilot to determine BMP(s).
    1. Determine which outreach programs and enforcement components/cart inspection feedback work best to increase recycling and decrease contamination
  3. Determine standardized process/checklist to evaluate new materials before added to contracts/program (Volume would be a factor)
  4. Develop plan, including communication strategy, for future coordinated decision-making and continued harmonization

Participants & Other Interested Stakeholders

Agendas & Notes

Agenda November 2012      Notes November 2012
Agenda Janurary 2013      Notes January 2013
Agenda February 2013      Notes February 2013
Agenda April 2013      Notes April 2013
Agenda May 2013      Notes May 2013
Agenda June 2013      Notes June 2013
Agenda August 2013      Notes August 2013
Agenda September 2013      Notes September 2013
Agenda October 2013      Notes October 2013
Agenda December 2013      Notes December 2013
Agenda January 2014      Notes January 2014
Agenda February 2014      Notes February 2014
Agenda March 2014
Agenda April 2014      Notes April 2014
Agenda June 2014      Notes June 2014
Agenda July 2014      Notes July 2014
Agenda August 2014      Notes August 2014
Agenda September 2014      Notes September 2014
Agenda October 2014      Notes October 2014
Agenda November 2014      Notes November 2014
Agenda December 2014      Notes December 2014
Notes January 2015
Notes February 2015
Notes March 2015

Commodity Presentations & Notes

Fiber 1      Fiber 2      Notes
Plastics 1      Plastics 2      Notes
Metal 1      Metal 2      Notes
Glass 1      Glass 2      Notes