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Cleaning Products

Safer, effective green cleaning products are widely available and highly cost effective. Green cleaning products:
  • Are typically price neutral compared to traditional products.
  • Reduce the number of cleaning chemicals being used.
  • Frequently use a dilution control system which reduces costly overuse of chemicals.
  • Reduce splash and exposure injuries for janitorial staff.
  • Increase lifespan of facilities by wearing surfaces down less, as they are typically less caustic.
  • Reduce hazardous waste management costs.
  • Reduce absenteeism due to indoor air quality issues.
  • Can reduce water bills, depending on the green cleaning system used.
  • Microfiber mops cost more initially but are much lighter which reduces janitorial staff injuries.
How can my agency buy green cleaners?

You can purchase green cleaning chemicals and products from state contract 00812 and cooperative purchasing contracts.

When Metro Transit in King County switched to a green cleaning program, they cut the number of chemical types purchased from 30 to 2. They also reduced the overall quantity of cleaning products used. The county purchases concentrated products in bulk (55 gallon drums) and then dilutes per application, which reduces shipping costs and waste.

The chemicals purchased by King County are certified green by Green Seal, an independent third party standards and certification program. Green cleaners keep harmful chemicals out of the indoor air environment, drinking water, and marine environments.

How do you know if a cleaning product is "green"?

Look for green cleaning chemicals certified by: Get more information from Ecology's cleaning products fact sheets:

Cleaning Products

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