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Environmentally Preferred Purchasing

Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative purchasing offers agencies the opportunity to save money through bulk purchasing and lower procurement-related costs for green products.

Public agencies in Washington State can purchase products at significantly discounted prices via cooperative purchasing organizations, including: King County Director's Association (KCDA)
King County Directors' Association (KCDA) is a purchasing cooperative owned by Washington's public school districts. KCDA saves money for members by ordering in volume and supporting their purchasing and distribution requirements.

The following agencies are eligible to become members of the KDCA:
  • Public school districts
  • Counties
  • Municipalities
  • State and local agencies
  • Public colleges and universities
  • Political subdivisions within the state or outside the state
  • State-accredited K-12 private schools in the State of Washington
KCDA manages centralized receiving, warehousing, and distribution while offering additional contracts to provide a single-source for supplies, facilities, and technology equipment.

U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance
U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance is a government purchasing cooperative that reduces the cost of goods and services by aggregating the purchasing power of public agencies nationwide.

Generally, the following agencies are eligible to use the U.S. Communities Program:
  • Counties, cities, towns and villages
  • Special districts (e.g., fire, sewer, water and other)
  • Public schools including: K-12, community colleges, universities, technical and vocational
  • State agencies
  • Other local governments
  • Nonprofit corporations (including private K-12, private colleges and universities)
U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance Go Green Program offers a broad line of green products, services and resources. In addition to green contracts that offer eco-friendly products, local government will find a wealth of green information and resources.

Washington State Purchasing Cooperative
The Washington State Purchasing Cooperative is a program through which non-state agency organizations can access state goods and services contracts. As a volume purchaser, the state collectively negotiates better rates for goods and services saving buyers valuable budget dollars.

State agencies are automatically enrolled in the Coop. The following agencies are eligible to join:
  • Washington state cities, counties and municipalities
  • Non-profit organization with 501(C)3 tax status that are receiving local, state or federal government either directly or through a political subdivision

For Buy Green technical assistance, contact:

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Email: tina.simcich@ecy.wa.gov
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