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Environmentally Preferred Purchasing

Electronic Products

The Electronics Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) is a rating tool that offers purchasers an easy and verifiable way to identify green computers and imaging equipment. EPEAT registered products contain fewer toxic materials (including mercury), create less greenhouse gases, reduce hazardous and solid waste, and are more energy efficient.


There is no cost difference between EPEAT-registered green computers and computers that are not registered.

The Green Electronics Council reported that in 2010 purchases of EPEAT registered notebooks, desktops, laptops and displays worldwide will:
  • Save over nine billion kilowatt hours of electricity.
  • Reduce emissions of over 1.6 million metric tons of greenhouse gas.
  • Reduce use of primary materials by 15.7 million metric tons.
  • Reduce use of toxic materials, including mercury, by 1,156 metric tons.
  • Eliminate use of enough mercury to fill 437,048 household mercury fever thermometers.
  • Avoid the disposal of 59,525 metric tons of hazardous waste.
  • Eliminate 31,991 metric tons of solid waste -
EPEAT registered computers are available on state master contracts. Over 75 percent of computers purchased from master contracts administered by the state Department of Enterprise Services in 2009 were EPEAT Gold or Silver registered.

Extending the computer replacement cycle to over five years, depending on your IT department's recommendations, can save resources and significant amounts of money.

Learn more from Ecology's product fact sheet on Computers and Computer Equipment.

Imaging Equipment

The EPEAT registry for imaging equipment will be established in January 2013, allowing purchasers to buy copiers, printers and other equipment that are registered by EPEAT to meet the new IEEE imaging equipment standard.

If your agency leases copiers and multi-function devices, incorporate EPEAT specifications into your lease agreement with the contractor.

For Buy Green technical assistance, contact:

Tina Simcich
Email: tina.simcich@ecy.wa.gov
(360) 407-7517