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Environmentally Preferred Purchasing

Flooring and Carpet

Flooring choices provide an opportunity to improve agency environment performance, reduce waste generation and save money.

Resilient Flooring

Greener flooring products include concrete, natural linoleum, rubber flooring and products manufactured from other natural materials. While these products can have a higher price point than other types of resilient flooring, they are great investments for your building.

You can save money by selecting durable, easy-to-clean green flooring products that will:
  • Reduce purchases of stripping, cleaning, and polishing chemicals.
  • Cut staff time for maintaining, stripping and recoating floors.
  • Reduce floor replacement costs through improved durability.
Some state agencies are installing greener resilient flooring during construction and remodeling projects as part of LEED certification. Linoleum tile and sheet flooring is available on state contract 00710.


If your facility is considering a carpet purchase, it helps to know that going green can be cost neutral. Purchasing considerations for carpet include:
  • Recycled content carpet is cost competitive with carpet made from new materials.
  • Carpet tiles are more expensive at the point of purchase than rolled carpet. However, tiles typically cost less over the life of the carpet since only worn or stained tiles are replaced.
  • Selecting carpet with longer warranty periods and greater durability means fewer replacement cycles.
Look for carpet that meets the NSF/ANSI Gold Standard for energy and materials use (including recycled content), end-of-life management, hazardous chemicals use, and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. State contract 00710 carries certified carpet, and requires that all vendors have an existing carpet recycling program. U.S. Communities also offers a green carpet contract, developed in conjunction with the City of Seattle.

For more information, read Ecology's product fact sheet on Flooring.

For Buy Green technical assistance, contact:

Tina Simcich
Email: tina.simcich@ecy.wa.gov
(360) 407-7517