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Environmentally Preferred Purchasing


One of the easiest ways that agencies can save significant amounts of money is by installing energy efficient lighting, including fluorescent tube lighting and LEDS (light-emitting diodes).

Energy Efficient Fluorescent Lamps

Since lighting accounts for at least thirty percent of the energy used in most commercial buildings, total savings from re-lamping projects can be significant. Fluorescent lamps such as T8s are good choices because they:
  • Typically use forty percent less energy than the older T12s.
  • Have longer life - up to 36,000 hours - which reduces replacement and maintenance costs.
Many agency re-lamping projects are at least partially funded with rebates from local utilities. All state buildings can be retrofitted with using high efficiency bulbs performance-based contracting. Learn more from Ecology's product fact sheet on Fluorescent Tube Lamps.


Light emitting diode (LED) bulbs use about one tenth the amount of electricity of an incandescent bulb of comparable brightness. LEDS are available for both indoor and outdoor applications. The quality, availability and affordability of LEDs have improved dramatically in the past few years, though their purchase price is still higher than more conventional lighting types. Purchasers will want to consider that LEDs:
  • Reduce energy costs enough to offset the initial higher purchase price within two years.
  • Reduce maintenance costs significantly as LEDs need to be changed less frequently.
  • Seasonal maintenance for LED traffic lights may be needed if falling snow does not melt due to the cooler temperature.
  • Have a replacement cycle of typically seven to ten years compared to one to two years for conventional lamps.
  • Fail less frequently than incandescent bulbs.
T8 lamps and some LEDS are available on state contract 07510.

Recycling for these bulbs is available on state contract 09108.

For Buy Green technical assistance, contact:

Tina Simcich
Email: tina.simcich@ecy.wa.gov
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