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Environmentally Preferred Purchasing


There are three main environmental considerations when purchasing paint: volatile organic compounds (VOC) content, toxicity and recycled content.

Low VOC and Less Toxic Paint

Paints certified to have no or low volatile organic (VOC) content are comparable in price to traditional products and a healthier choice for the painter and building occupants. They can also reduce hazardous waste handling costs.

Low VOC and toxicity paints are not currently available on state contract. Paints certified by Green Seal, Ecologo, MPI Extreme-Green as low VOC and lower toxicity can be solicited in bids. Agencies can also purchase small amounts of certified paint from hardware stores or directly from the manufacturer.

Recycled Paint

Recycled paint is typically less expensive than virgin material paint. For example, the Portland Water Bureau cut its costs by 75 percent and saved $3,500 on a purchase of 200 gallons of recycled paint.

By purchasing recycled paint, your agency can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the need for landfill space, conserve water and prevent pollution from the mining and extraction of raw materials. Recycled paint is just as durable as non-recycled paint, and now comes in a wide range of color.

State contract 00207 carries recycled content paint.

Read Ecology's Recycled Paint product fact sheet for more information.

For Buy Green technical assistance, contact:

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