Washington Recycles: Electronics

Washington Recycles: Electronics

Am I a Collector?

To be a "collector" for this program, you must:
  • Have a valid license to do business in Washington State;
  • Gather covered electronic products (CEPs) from households, small businesses, school districts, small governments, and charities; and
  • Submit these CEPs to a Covered Electronic Product recycling plan.
What do collectors need to do?
To take part in the Electronic Product Recycling Program and be paid for what you collect, you must:
  • Register annually with Ecology and keep the registration up to date.
  • Meet certain performance standards defined in WAC 173-900-450.
  • Be listed as “in compliance” on the Collector Registration List.
If you don't complete this process, you will not be able to collect CEPs for the Electronic Product Recycling Program. However, you may collect electronic products to recycle outside of this program.

Performance standards
  • Operation: You must staff the collection site during defined operating hours. You must notify the CEP recycling plan if those hours change.
  • Handling of electronic products: You must store CEPs in enclosed areas with impervious floors. You may not dismantle CEPs to recycle the components unless you are also a registered direct processor. Visit the Processor page on this website for information on registering as a processor.
  • Information: You must post, in a readily visible location, information about how and where the program recycles the CEPs it receives.
  • Access: You must allow Ecology to access your facilities to inspect for compliance with these standards or to conduct sampling.
In addition to these requirements, you must also comply with applicable environmental laws, rules, and local ordinances. Visit the Washington State Counties and Cities page to contact your local government and see if any local requirements apply.

Standard Plan Toolkit
The Washington Materials Management & Financing Authority (WMMFA) is the authority that operates the Standard Recycling Plan. View the WMMFA's Collector Toolkit for more information on how to collect CEPs for the Standard Plan.

Curbside Collection of Electronics
Ecology has posted a Guide to Curbside Collection of Electronics Through the E-Cycle Washington Program to provide information and guidance to curbside recycling service providers who may be interested in becoming a collector/transporter in the E-Cycle program.

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173-900 WAC

Electronic Product Recycling Rule.