Washington Recycles: Electronics

Washington Recycles: Electronics

Preliminary Administrative Fee Tier

Establishing the Administrative Fee Schedule

The Department of Ecology assesses an annual administrative fee to cover administrative costs for implementing the Electronic Product Recycling Program. This fee is separate from any fees that may be assessed by an E-Cycle Washington electronics recycling plan approved by Ecology.

Ecology may use any combination of the following data to establish the administrative fee:
  • Generally available market research data;
  • Covered electronic product (CEP) unit sales data supplied by manufacturers for brands they manufacture or sell; and
  • CEP unit sales data supplied by retailers for brands they sell.
The administrative fee will be distributed among manufacturers on a sliding scale based on tiers that are representative of annual sales of CEPs in or into Washington State. Ecology will publish the preliminary tier schedule on this web site by June 1 of each calendar year. These documents are:

Tier Reassignment Request

Manufacturers will have until July 1 to submit a request for tier reassignment for that year if they believe they have been assigned to the wrong tier. To request a tier reassignment, a manufacturer must do one of the following:
  1. Submit or update their on-line manufacturer registration form and provide the number of CEP units sold in the prior calendar year in or into Washington State; or
  2. Send to Ecology, in writing, the number of CEP units sold in the prior calendar year in or into Washington State; or
  3. Contact Jade Monroe at (360) 407-7157.
If CEP unit sales data is provided, Ecology will exempt this data from public disclosure in accordance with RCW 42.56.270(13). To protect information as proprietary, contact Jade Monroe at (360) 407-7157 for further instructions.

Final Tier Schedule

By August 1 of each year, Ecology will publish the final tier schedule on this web site. The final tier schedule will reflect Ecology's evaluation of all available data including tier reassignment requests.

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