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Washington Recycles: Electronics

Washington Recycles: Electronics

Local Governments

As of January 1, 2009, the following government entities in Washington State may dispose of their unwanted covered electronic products free of charge through E-Cycle:
  • Governments of cities with a population of under 50,000
  • Governments of counties with a population of under 125,000
  • School districts
  • Special purpose districts
How can local governments support E-Cycle?
Promote E-Cycle with the Local Government Toolkit.
Visit the Resources page for logos and other public outreach materials.

Collecting electronic products
Local governments may wish to work with the WMMFA to provide collection sites at public facilities. Local governments must register with Ecology if they wish to be compensated by a recycling plan for collecting electronics. Visit the Collector page for more information on how to register as a collector.

For information about the eligibility of collection events, see Collection Event FAQs.

Local Government & Community Satisfaction Reports
Beginning in 2010, local governments and local communities are encouraged to submit an annual "Satisfaction Report" to Ecology by March 1, but may do so throughout the year. The entity responsible for preparing the solid waste management plan for an area is responsible for submitting the Satisfaction Report. The report must use a template Ecology provides that will include information on:
  • Accessibility and convenience of services and how they are working in their community.
  • What services aren't working and why.
  • Suggestions for improvements to services plans provide.
  • Description of public outreach and education.
  • Any other relevant information.
The 2016 Satisfaction Report Summary is available here. Ecology uses the feedback received from local governments and summarized in these annual reports to improve the Standard Plan for recycling electronics and to evaluate any new plans that may be proposed.

Registration Lists

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- Collectors
- Manufacturers
- Processors
- Transporters

173-900 WAC

Electronic Product Recycling Rule.