Washington Recycles: Electronics

Washington Recycles: Electronics

Final Determination

On September 21, 2009, Ecology published the "Notice of Intent to Adjust the Cost for Reasonable Collection, Transportation, Processing and Recycling of Covered Electronic Products." A Final Determination has been made on this cost adjustment. "Share payments" for recycling plans as described in WAC 173-900-960 will be based on this reasonable cost. Please click on the link above for full details.

Do you want to know which brand names are complying with the law? Please see the Manufacturer Registration List. Only registered brands are eligible for sale in (or into) Washington State.

Am I a manufacturer?

For the purposes of this program, the manufacturer of a covered electronic product (CEP) sold in or into Washington State may include the entity that:
  • Has legal ownership of the brand, brand name, or cobrand of CEP.
  • Imports a CEP branded by a manufacturer that has no physical presence in the United States of America.
  • Sells at retail a CEP acquired from an importer and chooses to register in place of the importer as the manufacturer of that product.
Manufacturers of CEPs that were previously sold in or into Washington State must also participate in this program.

Required product labeling
As of January 1, 2007, CEPs sold or offered for sale in or into Washington must bear a label with the manufacturer's brand. The brand is a name or logo identifying an electronic product in the consumer marketplace and attributing the electronic product to a manufacturer. The label must be permanently affixed and readily visible. "White box" or unlabeled products are not legal for sale.

What do manufacturers need to do?
In order for a manufacturer's brands of CEPs to be sold or offered for sale in or into Washington State, the manufacturer's name and brand names must be listed on the Manufacturer Registration List as "in compliance" or "pending" status. To be listed as "in compliance" or "pending" a manufacturer must:
  1. Register annually with Ecology.
  2. Pay an annual administrative fee.
  3. Participate in a CEP recycling plan.
Return Share
"Return share" is the percentage of CEPs, by weight, that covered entities have returned for recycling. Ecology determines the return share for each individual manufacturer and each plan. The total return share of the manufacturers participating in the plan determines the weight of CEPs that a recycling plan must collect in a given year. Plans may also use a manufacturer's return share to assess charges and divide the costs of operating the recycling plan among participating manufacturers.

More information on return share.

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173-900 WAC

Electronic Product Recycling Rule.