Washington Recycles: Electronics

Washington Recycles: Electronics

Am I a Processor?

A "processor" is an entity engaged in disassembling, dismantling, or shredding electronic products to recover materials contained in the electronic products and preparing those materials for reclaiming or reuse in new products.

A "direct processor" is a processor contracted with a CEP recycling plan to provide processing services to meet the requirements in WAC 173-900. Ecology has prepared guidance for direct processors, "Environmentally Sound Management and Performance Standards for Direct Processors."

Direct processors are required to:

  • Have a contract with a Recycling Plan (WAC 173-900-600)
  • Be identified in an Ecology approved Recycling Plan (WAC 173-900-600)
  • Register annually with Ecology (WAC 173-900-610 through 630)
  • Update their registration information within 14 days of any changes (WAC 173-900-640)
  • Meet the performance standards in WAC 173-900-650
  • Comply with annual performance standard audits (WAC 173-900-365)

Registration Lists

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- Transporters

173-900 WAC

Electronic Product Recycling Rule.