Washington Recycles: Electronics

Washington Recycles: Electronics

Processor Registration

Who can register?
Only "direct processors" of covered electronic products (CEP) under the Electronic Product Recycling Program will be allowed to register with Ecology. Direct processors are contracted with a CEP recycling plan to provide processing services for the plan.

How to register.
To register as a direct processor, fill out and sign the Processor Registration Form, then submit it to Ecology. The signed registration form may be submitted in hard copy or electronically.

Submit the registration form to:

Christine Haun
Department of Ecology
Electronic Product Recycling Program
PO Box 47600
Olympia, WA 98504-7606
(360) 407-6107
Email: christine.haun@ecy.wa.gov

Registration Lists

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- Collectors
- Manufacturers
- Processors
- Transporters

173-900 WAC

Electronic Product Recycling Rule.