Washington Recycles: Electronics

Washington Recycles: Electronics

Reusing Electronics

Do I need a new one?
Before you get rid of your old TV, computer, or other electronic device, check out ifixit.com for tips on how to upgrade or repair it.

Before you recycle, consider reuse
If your computer or TV is working and in good condition, someone else may be able to use it. There are several ways to pass on your electronic items for reuse:
  • Contact charities or non-profits in your area to see if they would be able to use or resell your computer or TV. Find suggestions below.
  • Call your local solid waste or public works office to find out what options are available in your community for donating or reuse.
  • Sell your item through local classifieds or use an online website.
  • Ask if a participating E-Cycle Washington collector will donate or resell your item. Find a location near you.
Tips for donating your electronics
Data Security
Tips from E-Cycle Washington on protecting your personal data.

Do the PC Thing: Donate
Information from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on donating your computer for reuse.

Where can I donate?
Where Can I Donate or Recycle My Old Computer and Other Electronic Products?
The EPA's resource page for reuse destinations.

Donate a Computer to a Community Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher
Search for participants in the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program, which provides operating system software for refurbished computers.

Computer reuse ideas from Earth911

The Department of Ecology does not endorse any of these services or guarantee the quality of the service provided. There may be other services qualified to offer these services in addition to those listed.