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Event Recycling

Other Resources

Planning Documents

These resources will assist you in preparing for your event recycling program:

Recycling Bins

Check with your local government-some provide or rent event recycling bins.
Remember: Event coordinators have found that clear bins have greater success.
To see examples of clear bins, visit:

Recycling Signage

Contact your recycling hauler to find out if they provide any recycling signage. Remember to ask about multiple languages if necessary.

If your recycling hauler cannot provide you with any signage, there are many places to either download or purchase signs. Here are a few examples of websites that offer this service:

Useful Links

Recycle on the Go is an Environmental Protection Agency initiative to encourage recycling in public places. This website has links to tools and resources that can help create a successful recycling program: http://www.napcor.com/pdf/NAPCOR_VENUE-Final2.pdf