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Ecology Youth Corps

Ecology Youth Corps (EYC)

Job Information - Supervisor Duties

Ecology Youth Corps (EYC) operates two rather different types of crews. If selected as a Youth Crew Supervisor you will work with 14 - 17 year olds on the margins of public roadways during our summer programs. As a Median Crew Supervisor you would work with young people ages 18 and above in the more hazardous areas of these roadways.

All EYC Supervisor positions are temporary and/or seasonal. Supervisor applications are accepted throughout the year, but expire at the end of each calendar year.

Minimum qualifications are: graduation from high school or G.E.D. equivalent, AND two years of supervisory or lead experience working with youth. Two years of college-level course work in social sciences, education, resource conservation or related field will substitute, year for year, for required experience.

NOTE: A valid driver's license is required. For some positions an intermediate endorsement on the driver's license is required.

A good driving record, and a clean criminal history report, are also required. We look for people who communicate well and enjoy working with youth.

All EYC Supervisors undergo extensive training, during a week-long orientation and safety program where they learn first aid and CPR, hazardous material recognition, highway safety procedures, defensive driving, and emergency preparedness. Once on the job, supervisors hold routine safety meetings with crew members. Experienced supervisors may become a region's 'crew checker', the safety supervisor who visits each crew regularly to deliver supplies and verifies all crews are operating at optimum safety levels.

Safety is our #1 Priority!

The Ecology Youth Corps crews operate throughout Washington. Please go to Regional Information to find specific details on job opportunities in your area.

Crew Supervisor Duties

  • Supervises crew activities of up to seven EYC members as young as 14 years old in various work activities related to litter control and recycling
    • Assumes responsibility for the health, safety, well-being, morale, productivity, and discipline of the crew by adhering to EYC safety setup procedures and guidelines.
    • Determines site appropriateness by evaluating site for safety prior to crew deployment.
    • Trains crew members in safety and emergency procedures, cellular phone use, vehicle care and maintenance, recycling, and litter pick-up efficiency.
    • Motivates and increases the efficiency and productivity of the crew.
    • Evaluates crew member performance.
    • Takes corrective action when necessary, using verbal and written reprimands, suspensions, and employment termination together with regional staff, as outlined in EYC disciplinary policies.
    • Makes regular verbal and written reports on crew output and time accounting to the regional office. Recycles all recyclable materials found during cleanup activities.
    • Renders first aid when necessary to crew members (and sometimes injured motorists at accident scenes) and determines the need to be taken to a medical facility.
  • Coordinates litter pick-up along roadsides, center medians, and in urban settings that could be potentially dangerous due to traffic and other hazards
    • Cooperates with the Department of Transportation (DOT) in areas cleaned, bag placement, and mowing schedules.
    • Identifies hazardous substances (sharps, needles, weapons) and follows safety procedures in removing them from roadways.
    • Evaluates chemical hazards such as potential methamphetamine labs and reports to proper authorities.
    • Determines explosive hazards (hand grenades, pipe bombs, handguns) and takes appropriate actions.
  • Performs other crew activities
    • Leads crew on environmental tours and environmental education projects.
    • Encourages environmental awareness and discussions during appropriate times throughout the workday.
    • Assists program staff in the development and/or implementation of specific projects and activities designed to increase public awareness, reduce litter, and promote recycling.
  • Participates in crew member selection
    • Conducts interviews and assists in crew selection process.
    • Assists in evaluating eligibility for work and in completing hire paper work.
    • Conducts new employee/parent information meetings.
  • Transports self and crew to and from work locations in assigned crew vehicle
    • Operates crew vehicle in a safe and responsible manner at all times.
    • Maintains good order and cleanliness in the crew vehicle with the crew's help.
    • Uses vehicle gas credit card appropriately.
    • Provides for emergency repairs and towing.
  • Participates in Litter Surveys
    • Attends formal and on-the-job survey training conducted by regional office.
    • Determines site appropriateness by evaluating site for feasibility and safety.
    • Maps and measures sites.
    • Provides quality control on work at sites.
    • Performs waste audits (i.e. collecting, sorting, categorization, weighing, and reporting), using advanced cleaning strategies specialized for the litter survey.
  • Completes all reporting and payroll paperwork in a neat, accurate, and timely fashion.
  • Maintains all equipment and supplies.
  • Performs other work as required.
Youth Crew Supervisor Information Sheet
Median Crew Supervisor Information Sheet