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Waste 2 Resources Program

Solid Waste Facilities

Solid Waste Facilities and the Permitting Process

In Washington State, most of the solid waste facilities are permitted by the local Jurisdictional Health Departments. A description of the various facilities types and the associated permitting processes can be found at Solid Waste Facilities and the Permitting Process.

Solid Waste Permitting Exemptions

Under chapter 173-350 WAC, Solid Waste Handling Standards, Ecology can grant a beneficial use exemption from the permit requirements of this regulations. The process and required application forms can be found at Beneficial Use.

In addition, some solid waste facilities meeting specific requirements of chapter 173-350 WAC, Solid Waste Handling Standards, may be exempt from solid waste permitting as described under Exemptions from Solid Waste Permitting.

Solid Waste Facilities

An Excel Spreadsheet lists Facilities by Type.


Ecology is the primary state agency for regulation of Biosolids related activities. For further information go to Biosolids.

Industry Oversight

Within the Waste 2 Resources Program, the Industrial Section regulates the large industries in the State including pulp and paper mills, aluminum smelters and oil refineries. For additional information go to Industrial home page.

Solid Waste and Recycling Data

Information about how the waste streams in Washington State have been managed in past years, including disposal and recycling data can be found at Solid Waste and Recycling Data.

Solid Waste Reports and Publications

The Waste 2 Resources Program prepares an Annual Status Report of Solid Waste in Washington State. Current and past annual solid waste status reports can be found at Annual Solid Waste Status Reports. Other solid waste publication can be found at Publications and Forms.

Solid Waste Laws and Regulations

Access to existing state laws and regulations relating to solid waste can be found at Laws and Regulations.