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Solid Waste Facility Forms

Solid Waste Permit Application

The Solid Waste Permit Process discusses the general permit application process. The specific permit application process and requirements are found in WAC 173-350-710 and WAC 173-350-715 and/or WAC 173-351-720 (for municipal solid waste landfills).

The applicant should contact the local jurisdictional health department to determine if there are additional requirements or fees associated with the proposed facility application. (Contact Marni Solheim msol461@ecy.wa.gov or 509-329-3564 for additional information)

For specific requirements for each facility type go to Chapter 173-350 WAC, Solid Waste Handling Standards or to Chapter 173-351 WAC Criteria for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills. Facility Checklist (below) can assist in the preparation and review of the permit application.

Annual Report Forms

Annual reports are required of municipal solid waste landfills permitted under chapter 173-351 WAC, Criteria for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills, and various facilities that fall under the requirements of chapter 173-350 WAC, Solid Waste Handling Standards. The following annual report forms are to be completed by the facility and returned to the appropriate local jurisdictional health department and the Department of Ecology by April 1 of each year:
For Ecology please submit
the report to Dan Weston at
(360- 407-6409) or mail to:
Dan Weston
Department of Ecology
Waste 2 Resources Program
PO Box 47600
Olympia, WA 98504-7600

Facility Checklists

To assist in the preparation and review of the permit application, the following checklists provide more specific requirements based on the applicable regulation.

Permit Deferral

The Solid Waste Handling Standards allow for a "Permit Deferral" under WAC 173-350-710(8). The jurisdictional health department, at its discretion and with the concurrence of the Department of Ecology, can waive the requirement of a solid waste permit for a facility by deferring to other air, water or environmental permits issued for the facility which provide an equivalent or superior level of environmental protection. The owner or operator can apply for a permit deferral using the following form:

Permit Exemptions/Notification Forms

Chapter 173-350 WAC, Solid Waste Handling Standards specifies that certain solid waste facilities are exempt from solid waste permitting, if they meet certain requirements and operating procedures as identified in the rule. These facilities include recycling, material recovery, composting, piles of agricultural, inert or wood waste, and some moderate risk waste handling activities.
Send a copy of your Notification
of Exemption form to both your
Regional Ecology Office
and to your
Local Health Department/District

One of the requirements is for the facility to notify the Department of Ecology and the local jurisdictional health department of their intent to operate as a facility exempt under chapter 173-350 WAC. For most exempt facilities, there is also an annual reporting requirement.

To assist facilities, Ecology has developed a notification form Form ECY 070-493 - Notification of Exemption from a Solid Waste Permit