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Grants and Loans

Waste 2 Resources Grants and Loans

The Waste 2 Resources (W2R) Program's mission is to reduce the amount and effects of wastes generated in Washington. Our vision is to transition to a society where waste is viewed as inefficient and most wastes and toxic substances have been eliminated. This will contribute to economic, social, and environmental vitality.

W2R administers two grant programs that provide financial assistance to local governments and non-profit organizations for projects that support our mission.

EAGL Online Service

Ecology's grants and loans will transition to a new web-based management system in 2014. Ecology Administration of Grants and Loans (EAGL) will allow clients to conduct most business transactions online. Ecology will administer the 2015-17 funding cycle for CPG and PPG through EAGL, starting with the application process. Ecology will not enter current 2013-15 biennium CPG and PPG agreements into EAGL.

Applications for funding in the 2015-17 biennium will be accepted in EAGL starting:
  • Coordinated Prevention Grants: February 28, 2015
  • Public Participation Grants: November 1, 2014
  • Community Litter Clean Up Grants will be excepted starting January 01, 2015