Industrial Section

Industrial Section

Industrial Footprint Project

Phase one of the Industrial Footprint Project and its funding ended on March 31, 2010.

What is a footprint?

We define an industrial footprint as the impact a major manufacturing facility has on the environment and the economy and community it's located in. It is measured in sustainability terms (environmental, economic and social impacts), and includes many "beyond compliance" aspects that Ecology and EPA do not directly regulate, such as energy use and the percent of reused or recycled materials in an end product.

Project goals

  • Select indicators of sustainability - click here for list of indicators chosen
  • Develop a Quality Assurance Project Plan for data collection
  • Using indicators selected, create and use a sustainability measurement tool - click here to read about our footprint tool development

Purpose of the footprint tool

  • Measure sustainability performance at an industrial facility and industry sector
  • Not a ranking of facilities - the scores cannot be compared
  • Provide regulatory and facility decision-makers with the ability to benchmark performance, assess progress toward sustainability, and make decisions that improve the footprint of a facility
  • Bring to light what furthers sustainability, what barriers to sustainability exist, and what is needed to overcome those barriers
  • Prepare for carbon accounting

Click here for background and participant information

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