Industrial Section

Industrial Section

Industrial Footprint Project


We received a State Innovation Grant from EPA to select indicators of sustainability for the pulp and paper industry and use them to build the footprint tool. Our work is based on:

  • The review of sustainability reporting that already exists (including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Facility Reporting Project (FRP) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) framework)
  • Advice from experts in the field of sustainability
  • Technical expertise from Ecology and the participating mills
  • Input we received from mill community stakeholders
This project coordinates with Ecology's Beyond Waste initiatives, including:
  • Moving toward Beyond Waste with Industries
  • Measuring progress toward Beyond Waste

Ecology's Industrial Section leads the project. We partnered with five pulp and paper mills in Washington State: Contractor support for the project includes:
  • Earth Economics' role in stakeholder involvement, research and report writing, development of the footprint tool, and third party review by the Global Footprint Network and the Gund Institute. Their subcontractor responsible for building the footprint tool is The Center for Sustainable Economy.
  • Dr. William Beyers adapted the WA State Input/Output Model for use as the economic multiplier effect indicators in the footprint tool.