Industrial Section

Industrial Section

Northwest Alloys, Inc.

Location & History

Northwest Alloys (NWA) operated a magnesium mining and refining facility in Addy, Washington between 1976 and 2001. The smelter is temporarily closed and the company completed mine closure and reclamation requirements. NWA plans to sell the facility as an industrial site. Current staff consists of security and environmental personnel.

May/June 2011 Ecology holds comment period and public hearing, and issues state waste discharge permit and SEPA determination of nonsignificance
July 2010 Ecology issues final Order No 7724, allowing NWA to use commingled wastewater to irrigate alfalfa fields on their property during the 2010 growing season
May - June 2010 Ecology holds public comment period for Order No. 7724
March 2010 Ecology sends NWA a letter identifying a number of concerns with land applying process wastewater from Pond 3
October 2009 Ecology issues Order No 7147, allowing limited land application of commingled wastewater to reduce water volumes onsite
Fall 2009 NWA installs new groundwater wells

NWA requests special allowance to irrigate fields in October and early November 2009 due to limited capacity to store commingled wastewater onsite. The onsite ponds are full and NWA expects an additional 30 million gallons of precipitation.

Ecology finds potential for environmental harm if the ponds overflow
September 2009 Ecology reviews comingled wastewater application and send comments to NWA, requiring the installation of additional groundwater wells and further evaluation of the land treatment system
Summer 2009 NWA submits separate SWDP applications for commingled wastewater and Pond 3 process water
April 2009 Ecology:
  • Recommends NWA submit separate SWDP applications for commingled wastewater and Pond 3 process water
  • Requests NWA temporarily discontinue land application of both wastewater streams until new permits are issued
Spring 2008 - Spring 2009 Ecology conducts extensive review of agronomic, soil and groundwater data
March 2008 NWA submits application to renew their SWDP
September 2003 Ecology issues NWA a SWDP by letter, allowing land application of:
  • Commingled wastewater for crop irrigation on company owned land
  • Process wastewater from Pond 3 once a year as a soil amendment
2001 - 2003 Facility temporarily closes. NWA completes mine closure and reclamation requirements. Pond 3 wastewater is stored and managed separate of commingled wastewater.
1976-2001 NWA operates magnesium mining and refining facility All stormwater and process water is recycled or reused on the plant site.

Facility Site Number: 4

Location and Mailing address:

    1560A Marble Valley Basin Rd
    Addy, WA 99101
Ecology Contact: