Industrial Section

Industrial Section

Alcoa Inc, Wenatchee Works

Facility information

This facility is temporarily shut down. When running, it turns alumina ore into aluminum metal. Recycling of aluminum does not take place at this location.
  • At full production, the facility is able to produce about 220,000 tons of aluminum each year.
  • Wastewater is sent to the Columbia River. Though the smelter is currently closed, Alcoa continues to monitor pollutants in their treated sanitary wastewater, non-contact cooling water, and stormwater.
Facility Site Number: 1

Location and Mailing address:
    6200 Malaga Highway
    Malaga, WA 98828-9728
Ecology water and air permit and hazardous waste contact:
For more information visit the Company Website.

Facility 24 hour Contact Number:
    (509) 663-9227