Industrial Section

Industrial Section

Intalco Aluminum Corporation

Air pollution penalty
We issued two penalties totaling $32,500 to the Intalco aluminum smelter in Ferndale.

In 2016, Intalco made changes in its operations to prepare for a planned shutdown. That shutdown was cancelled, but the operational changes and loss of trained staff led to issues on the smelter's potline. This caused a number of violations of the facility's air quality permit, and also contributed to a fire in the facility's baghouse. As it resumed production after the fire, the smelter exceeded its permitted air quality standards on two other occasions.

An evaluation by Ecology's toxicologist found that these events did not pose a risk to human health and the environment.

Potline issues
The potline issues caused increases in carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and total fluoride above limits allowed under Intalco's Air Operating Permit. Baghouse fire
The November 2016 fire occurred in the bake oven ducting that leads to the baghouse, which captures air pollution from the equipment. The fire caused damage to the baghouse and resulted in two air permit limit violations (opacity and particulate matter). Facility Information
This primary aluminum smelter began operating in 1966. At full production, the facility is capable of producing approximately 307,000 tons of aluminum metal each year. It discharges treated wastewater to the Strait of Georgia.

Information on cleanup activities at this site

Facility Site ID: 16

    4050 Mountain View Road
    Ferndale, WA 98248
Ecology wastewater and air permit and hazardous waste activities, contact
To contact Intalco, visit the company website or call (360) 384-7061.