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Industrial Section

Emerald Kalama Chemical LLC

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Emerald Kalama Chemical, LLC (Emerald) operates an organic chemical manufacturing plant in Kalama, WA. The plant uses toluene to manufacture 15 chemicals for food, flavor/fragrance and pharmaceutical industries. It produces about 194,000 tons of chemicals each year.

Emerald plans to increase production of butyl cinnamic aldehyde, methyl cinnamic aldehyde, and hexyl cinnamic aldehyde.


Emerald draws water from, and discharges it back to, the Columbia River. Approximately 2% of the wastewater discharged, or effluent, is process wastewater. About 98% is non-contact cooling water.
  • A wastewater treatment system uses biological treatment, or activated sludge, to treat process wastewater.
  • An anaerobic plant pretreats the high strength acetic/formic acid-bearing wastestreams before going through the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Emerald combines the non-contact cooling water with the effluent in a basin before discharging it to the Columbia River.

1962 The Dow Chemical Company constructed the plant in 1962. They used toluene to produce phenol and other materials for the plywood industry.
1971 Three former Dow employees purchased the plant and renamed it Kalama Chemical. They expanded production to specialty chemicals.
1990 Canadian-based company, Rogers Sugar, Ltd. purchased the plant.
1994 Ownership transferred to Freedom Chemical.
2001 Ownership transferred to Noveon.
2004 Ownership transferred to Lubrizol.
2006 Emerald Performance Materials purchased the plant and renamed it Emerald Kalama. Phenol production ended in December 2006.

Location and Mailing address:
1296 Third Street NW
Kalama, WA 98625

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Greg Gould
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