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Industrial Section

Industrial Section

Agrium Kennewick Fertilizer Operations

Finley Facility

Located at 231610 East Game Farm Road, this facility stores and transfers ammonia and nitrogen fertilizer products to its Kennewick Area facility. It:
  • Uses water from the Columbia River for refrigeration and discharges the non-contact cooling water back to the Columbia River.
  • Recovers groundwater containing fertilizer components from three onsite wells. The groundwater is pumped offsite to irrigate croplands.
Kennewick Facility

Located at 227515 Bowles Road, this facility produces about 18,000 tons of "product" nitric acid and about 170,000 tons of liquid nitrogen fertilizer solutions. It has capacity to produce granular ammonium nitrate.

This facility uses water from, and discharges back to, the Columbia River. Approximately 6% of the water is used in the fertilizer making process and for refrigeration. About 94% is used as non-contact cooling water.

Agrium also recovers groundwater containing fertilizer components from six onsite wells. The recovered groundwater is piped offsite to irrigate croplands.

Hedges Facility

Located at 227108 Hedges Road, the only activity at this facility is groundwater pumping for emergency fire fighting use when needed.

Ecology wastewater permit and hazardous waste activity contact

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