Industrial Section

Industrial Section

Specialty Minerals, Wallula

Wastewater permit comment period

The Department of Ecology invites you to comment on the draft renewal of the Specialty Minerals Wallula State Waste Discharge Permit. The comment period runs January 13 – February 13, 2017. For more information, please read the: This permit allows Specialty Minerals to send process and sanitary wastewater, and stormwater, to the Boise Wallula pulp and paper mill for treatment.

Location & History

The Specialty Minerals, Inc. plant in Wallula manufactures precipitated calcium carbonate. This is produced by reacting carbon dioxide (CO2), from the Boise White Paper pulp and paper mill or liquid CO2, with slaked lime. Wastewater and stormwater are sent to the Boise White Paper Wallula pulp and paper mill's wastewater treatment system. The wastewater is then discharged to the Columbia River through Boise's outfall 001.

Sanitary wastewater is also sent to the Boise Wallula mill, where it is treated through an on-site septic system.

Location and Mailing address:
Specialty Minerals, Inc.
31839 W Highway 12
Wallula, WA 99363

Ecology Contact
Robert Carruthers (360) 407-6954