Industrial Section

Industrial Section

Boise White Paper LLC, Wallula

Comment period

The comment period on the Air Operating Permit for the Boise pulp and paper mill in Wallula ended November 30, 2015. For more information, please read the: Location & History

Boise Inc. operates a kraft pulp and paper mill and corrugated container plant on the east bank of the Columbia River, approximately 15 miles southeast of Pasco, Washington and approximately 2 miles north of Wallula, Washington.


Employing about 400 people, the mill produces about 1400 tons of bleached paper, fine, coated paper and corrugating medium each day. The container plant employs an additional 155 people and produces about 5 million square feet of corrugated boxes each day.

Facility Site Number: 5

Location and mailing address:

    Wallula Mill
    13831 US Highway 12
    P.O. Box 500
    Wallula, WA 99363
Ecology wastewater and air permit and hazardous waste contact:
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