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Industrial Section

Industrial Section

Harbor Paper

Location & History

Harbor Paper is closed and the site is going through demolition.

The mill was built in 1929 and started operating as Grays Harbor Pulp and Paper Company. In 1937 three Olympic peninsula mills (Port Angeles, Shelton, and Grays Harbor) combined to form Rayonier, Inc. In 1962, Rayonier entered into a joint partnership with Hammermill Paper to create Grays Harbor Paper. The new company operated the paper machines, while Rayonier continued operating the pulp mill portion of the facility. International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT) acquired Rayonier in 1968 and International Paper (IP) purchased Hammermill in 1986. The facility was closed in November 1992. The pulp mill, chemical product lines, and vanillin extraction facilities were demolished. From December 1993 - May 2011, a group of local investors restarted the remaining paper mill portion of the plant as Grays Harbor Paper, L.P.


The mill produced about 425 tons of post consumer waste/process chlorine free writing paper each day when operating.

Facility Site Number: 44124741

Location and Mailing address:

    801 23rd Street
    Hoquiam, WA 98550
Air Operating permit: Olympic Regional Clean Air Agency has jurisdiction.
Website, phone number: (360) 586-1044

Ecology Contact:
For more information visit the Company Website.