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Industrial Section

Industrial Section

KapStone Kraft Paper Corporation

Facility information

Longview Fiber Paper and Packaging, Inc, doing business as KapStone Kraft Paper Corporation, operates a Kraft pulp and paper mill and box plant near Longview, Washington. Currently employing about 1,000 people, it produces about 3,600 tons each day of paper, corrugated products and 2,800 tons each day of unbleached pulp. The mill discharges treated wastewater to the Columbia River.

Facility Site Number: 31

Mailing address:

300 Fibre Way
Post Office Box 639
Longview, WA 98632

Ecology wastewater and air permits and hazardous waste activities contact:

Shingo Yamazaki
(360) 407-7563

For more information visit the Company Website.