Industrial Section

Industrial Section

Port Townsend Paper Corporation

Air pollution penalty

We issued two penalties totaling $30,000 to the Port Townsend Paper Corporation (PTPC) pulp and paper mill in Port Townsend.

Recovery Furnace leak penalty
During an inspection on Aug 19, 2016, we discovered a leak from a Recovery Furnace emissions duct at the mill. It represented less than 1 percent of the emissions from the furnace and the majority of them were still being treated. An evaluation by an Ecology toxicologist found it did not pose a short term risk to human health.

PTPC immediately began investigating the cause of the leak and looking into options for repairing it. Because of the difficulty in reaching and repairing the leak, it was fixed when the mill shut down for scheduled maintenance on Sept 19, 2016. Stack test penalty
On Nov 10, 2016, the mill failed a routine stack test required by its Air Operating Permit. The test found that particulate matter emissions from the Smelt Dissolver Tank were above permitted limits.

When PTPC saw the test results on Dec 5, mill staff immediately investigated and found that a damper was open. This allowed a portion of emissions to escape untreated. The damper was closed and Port Townsend Paper performed a follow-up stack test on Dec 8. This test showed the mill was back in compliance with its permitted limit.

Odor reporting

To report odor you believe is from PTPC, please provide the following information:
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Odor description
  • Any health impacts experienced
Send information to: Ecology tracks all complaints received and requires PTPC, to investigate and report mill conditions at the time of the complaint. Ecology uses the information to look at the effectiveness of odor reduction efforts at the mill. We also consider the complaint data in enforcement decisions, as applicable, and make the data available to public health agencies.

Facility information
This is a kraft pulp and paper mill.
  • With around 300 employees, the mill makes about 901 tons of paper, containerboard, and unbleached pulp each day.
  • It treats its wastewater and sends it to Port Townsend Bay.
Visit the mill's website for more information.


Ecology writes and enforces PTPC's air and wastewater permits.
  • Air Operating Permit, support document and support document supplement (Even though the permit has expired it remains in effect while Ecology drafts the next permit. PTPC submitted a permit application on November 3, 2014. Ecology found it complete on November 12, 2014 and expects to make a draft permit available for public review and comment in Spring 2018.)
  • Wastewater permit, and fact sheet (The mill discharges treated wastewater to Port Townsend Bay.)
Facility Site Number: 34516979


    100 Mill Road
    Port Townsend, WA 98368
Ecology air and water permits and hazardous waste contact: