Isn't paper just paper?

No, As a matter of fact, paper has its own "DNA" makeup kind of like human beings.

Corrugated cardboard boxes & brown grocery bags

Are made with a high-grade fiber to give them extra strength required for their use.

Milk cartons & drink boxes

Many people think you can't recycle milk cartons because of their thin plastic lining, but this is easily removed during the recycling process.

When they're recycled, a single 1 litre milk carton can be turned into five sheets of high quality office paper - this makes cartons a valuable recycling commodity.


Creating newsprint out of old newsprint requires that it be deinked and turned into a slurry in the hydrapulper "like a big blender". After that point, the process is similar to starting with wood chips. The pulp is screened and spread over rotating drums where it is pressed and dried into large, continuous rolls of paper.

Copy paper & junk mail

This type of paper is more commonly recycled. It is recycled at home, in the office, even at school. But there is a better than recycling alternative to junk mail, and that would be to write to:

Mail Preference Service
Direct Marketing Assn.
PO Box 9008
Farmingdale, N.Y. 11735-9008

Ask them to take your name off of their list that may have your name on it. Include a list of all the names you may go by i.e.:

  1. Jane Doe
  2. J. Doe
  3. Mrs. J. Doe
  4. Ms. J. Doe

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