Old Campaign Materials

UPDATE: Beginning in 2009 funding for the Litter and it will Hurt campaign was suspended due to transfer of litter tax monies to fund other state priorities. The suspension of the campaign will continue through at least 2015. The campaign material on these websites is for historical purposes.

Major promotional channels used to spread the word that there are significant fines for littering and that there is toll-free number for reporting littering include roadway signage, advertising, publicity, special events and messages on collateral materials such as litterbags and posters. Partnerships with other state agencies, local governments, businesses and non-profits will be pursued to help pay the cost of getting the word out to the entire state.

Corporate sponsors will be sought to help produce and distribute litterbags, collateral materials and point-of-purchase reminders to communicate the campaign messages. In addition, state agencies and local governments will be solicited for assistance in promoting the campaign theme and extending the campaign message on materials already being produced. Reminders in existing newsletters or on web sites provide a low-cost way to get the message out to Washington citizens.

To view the various campaign materials that have been developed, click on the images below. To order campaign materials contact litter1. Quantities are limited.

Litter Bags
English Litter Bags
"Litter and it will Hurt" car litter bags can be ordered through the Washington State Department of Printing. Go to the web page at In the upper right hand corner click on General Store. You will be asked to register if you are new to the site. Click on "I'm New" and follow prompts to sign in. From the Store Lobby click on Shop by Agency and pick Department of Ecology. Scroll down the alphabetical list of materials until you find the items titled "Want To Litter? Fine. litterbag - Spanish/English" or "Want To Litter? Fine - litterbag - English." Click on your selection to go to the order page. The first 1,000 litter bags are free. Litter Bags
English/Spanish Litter Bags

Other Available Artwork

Due to budget constraints, the Department of Ecology cannot supply any of these materials. However, if you are interested in becoming a campaign partner and producing these materials, please send an email to LITTER1.

Litter Ad 4 Litter Ad 2 Retail Change Mat
Dashboard Decal 2 Cinema Slide
Sticker Beer Sticker Cigarette Sticker Corndogs
Gas Pump Retail Food Counter Cold Case
Slogan Box Garbage Billboard Table Tent