External Links

For more information about litter, the following websites of other agencies or organizations may be helpful. Within Washington State

Ecology Youth Corps - Information about the Ecology Youth Corps Program.

Adopt-a-Highway - Information about Washington State Department of Transportation's Adopt-a-Highway Program.

Community Litter Cleanup Program - Information about the Community Litter Cleanup Program.

Department of Corrections Work Crew Program - Information about how correctional crews pickup litter.

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Non-Profit Organizations

CigaretteLitter.Org -

CigaretteLitter.Org is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to running educational campaigns aimed at significantly reducing the amount of cigarette litter.

Keep America Beautiful - Keep America Beautiful Inc. programs prevent litter, reduce waste and beautify communities.

International Adopt-A-Highway Association - Links to AAH programs in other states and countries.

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Other States

Don't Mess with Texas - Don't Mess with Texas is the tough-talking litter prevention campaign sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Keep Texas Beautiful - Keep Texas Beautiful educatesTexans to take responsibility for enhancing their community and the environment.

North Carolina Roadside Beautification Programs - The North Carolina Department of Transportation has a comprehensive litter control program.

Oklahoma Roadside Beautification Programs - The Oklahoma Department of Transportation has several beautification programs including adopt-a-highway and a litter hotline.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection - The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has a litter prevention program featuring the Litterbug.

No MOre Trash! - Missouri Departments of Transportation (MoDOT) and Conservation (MDC) have a tough-talking litter prevention campaign.

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