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What should I do with my household hazardous waste?

First, try to minimize the amount of hazardous products that you purchase. Hazardous products are usually labeled with a caution, warning, or danger, and can cause harm to you or the environment. Just because you can buy it, doesn’t mean it is safe! If you can find products that are much safer, less toxic, and easy to use—why not make the change? Alternatives/Safer Products

Second, try to buy in small quantities. If you don’t use it all, especially paint, maybe your neighbor could use the product, but always use your best judgment about reusing hazardous products.

Third, properly dispose of your waste to a hazardous waste collection facility or a take-back location. We maintain a recycling database at that can offer options for household hazardous waste disposal, or you can call 1-800-RECYCLE. Some counties maintain their own open lines for residents to call with questions. Throughout Washington, counties have programs to accept household hazardous waste free of charge, but please call for locations and hours. Some counties have also worked with retailers to create take-back locations for certain products, such as used oil or computer equipment.

County links for HHW information.