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Many consumer products use chemicals that make them hazardous. These products need to be handled properly to prevent them from entering the environment or harming the health of your family. We all need to be thoughtful about what we purchase and what sort of impacts it causes when it is made, how it is used, and when we throw it away. (Download an informational brochure Household Hazardous Waste - A Little Goes a Long Way).

Some of these products include:

Hazardous Household Material Groups

Group Name Examples
Repair and Remodeling Adhesives, oil-based paint, thinner, epoxy, paint stripper
Cleaning Agents Oven cleaners, deck cleaners, degreasers, toilet cleaners
Pesticides & Fertilizers Wood preservatives, mole killer, herbicides, pesticides
Auto, Boat & Equip. Batteries, paint, gasoline, oil, antifreeze, solvents
Hobby and Recreation Photo and pool chemicals, glaze, paint, white gas
Miscellaneous Ammunition, fireworks, asbestos

Find out about the hazards of products:

Other hazardous materials include common products such as Cathode Ray Tubes in computer monitors and televisions, fluorescent bulbs and thermostats, or some pharmaceuticals. More information on these types of hazardous products.

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