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Conferences and Presentations

MRW East/West Coordinator meetings

2009 NW Chapter NAHMMA Conference

2005 NW Chapter NAHMMA Conference

  • Wednesday September 21, 2005
  • Thursday September 22, 2005
  • Friday September 23, 2005
  • 2003 NW Chapter NAHMMA Conference

    Northwest Hazardous Waste Conference.  Pasco, WA

    In 2003 the Northwest Hazardous Waste Conference for Household and Small Business Programs was held at Pasco, Washington on June 1-6.

    For details of the conference sessions and links to most of the presentations on Monday and Tuesday, June 2 and 3, click on this link to "Conference Sessions".

    2002 NW Chapter NAHMMA Conference

    In June 2002 the Department of Ecology along with Portland Metro, Oregon DEQ, King County, and Clark County co-sponsored a regional HHW and CESQG Strategic Meeting at Port Ludlow WA. This meeting was to discuss and form action plans for HHW and CESQG local programs and set up the means and groups of professionals to accomplish the highest priority actions. This was held instead of the traditional Northwest Regional Hazardous Waste Conference (last held in Portland). One result of the Port Ludlow meeting was a clear message that the regional conferences should continue and include workshops/workgroups formed at Port Ludlow in addition to the usual presentations, vendor fair, and associated events as part of the traditional conference.

    A document recording the meeting was developed by the lead facilitator, Tamie Kellogg. This summary report contains a brief description of the regional meeting process, list of presenters, roster of participants in the various breakout groups, and issues that were on the top of the meeting participants' lists.