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2004 NW Hazardous Waste Conference for Household and Small Business Programs

List of Presentations

Aileen Gagney Practical intervention making measurable impr
Alexandra Scott Get Rid Of It
Alica Chapman Debra Oliver Drug Waste Management
Anette Frahm Behavior Change Projects
Ann Blake Brominated Flame Retardants
Ann Blake Endocrine Disrupting Effects
Annette Frahm Pesticide Outreach
Barb Morson Developing facility security plans.ppt
Charlie Cunniff ECOSS
Cheri Peele PBDE.ppt
Dave Galvin pesticide reduction strategies.ppt
Dave Nightingale Beyond Waste.ppt
Dave Waddell High haz chemicals
Dave Waddell Small Biz Program
Diane Rohlman Toxic Threat
Emma Johnson pharmaceutical Rule.ppt
Geneva Mick DOT Haz Materials Transportation Training
Holly Cushman Mercury2
James Neely Legal definition and app
Jim Mansfield Pharmaceutical take back program.ppt
Jim Quinn High hazard wastes.ppt
Jim Quinn Paint Product Stewardship Initiative
Judith Kennedy Dry cleaners
Judith Kennedy pollution prevention Basics
Laura Schleyer Technical Assistance Tools
Lisa Heigh Community based social marketing
lydia Cabeza Wagner Pharmacy Flowcharts Rev
Lydia Cabeza Wagner RCRA Basics (Link removed 11/24/08)
Mike Gallagher Mercury Reduction.ppt
Mike Odonnell Writing HHW RFPs
Nancy morrison jessica Bloom Its the SOIL stupid
Rick Gilbert Site Restoration Haulers
Rick Volpel Everything that you Wanted to Know About Lamp C
Sarah Doll Endocrine Disruptors
Scott Windsor Reuse
Sean DeHan Qualifying Waste Mgmt companies
Sego jackson update on Eproducts.ppt
Steve Gilbert lessons from toxicology
Sue Bruning Managing Electronic Waste
Susan McDonald Reducing Mercury Waste.ppt
WA Ecology WSDA Dental MOU
Will perry Chemistry of Fluorscent lamps.ppt
William Lambert Toxicology and Public Health Protect