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2005 NW Hazardous Waste Conference
for Household and Small Business Programs

Friday, September 23, 2005

8 - 8:30am Continental Breakfast - Hot Topics
8:30 - 10am

Program Funding Issues and Options Workshop
Cheryl Smith Paying for Progress
Liz Tennant Funding Overview
Meghan Starkey HHW Program Local Funding Issues

School Chemical Cleanouts
Becky Wehrman
Dave Tipton
Dave Waddell RTL session intro
Kristina Meason
Dave Tipton Presentation Outline
Dave Tipton RTL School Report

Product Stewardship: Retailer Involvement in Electronics Collection
Brenda Mathison
Karl Palmer
Scott Cassel Staples PSI Computer Take-Back
10 - 10:30am Break
10:30 - 12pm

What's in our future with HHW and Small Business Waste
Cheryl Smith Beyond Collection
Jim Quinn future of HHW
Ken Armstrong

Program Branding and Analysis: Staying out of hot oil and more
David Stitzhal
Jeff Gloyd branding Paula Smith Used Oil Hits a Homerun With Minor League

Working with the Dental and Medical Community
Liisa Itkonen
Rick Volpel
Tom Badrick Legacy Health System Waste Management