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Waste 2 Resources Program

Financing Solid Waste for the Future

The long term sustainability of the solid waste funding system has been a concern of local governments in particular for close to two decades.

2017: Ecology recently completed a contract with Cascadia Consulting Group to research funding mechanisms for solid waste. Cascadia partnered with FCS Group and Abbe & Associates to conduct this research in three parts:

1. Update current funding mechanisms used in Washington State.
2. Identify potential funding mechanisms to consider.
3. Recommend funding mechanisms for Ecology to consider.

All documents are included here:
  • Part 1: Update Current Funding Mechanisms: Main Report (Includes Appendix 1: Background Discussion and Appendix 2: List of Current Funding Mechanisms) Publication number 17-07-014
  • Part 2: Identify Potential Funding Mechanisms: Main Report (Includes Appendix 1: List of Funding Mechanisms in Database and Appendix 2: Definitions of Funding Mechanisms Research Fields in Database) Publication number 17-07-015
    • Part 2; Appendix 3: Database with Detailed Descriptions of Funding Mechanisms (Excel file)
    • Part 2; Appendix 4: Utility Cost Recovery Practices and Implications for Solid Waste Funding in Washington Publication number 17-07-018
  • Part 3: Recommended Funding Mechanisms: Main Report Publication number 17-07-016

Past work and resources:

2011 University of Washington Intern Report: Waste Not: How Washington State Residents Pay for Garbage, Recycling, and Organic Waste 2011 Washington State University Report: Revenue Sources to Fund Recycling, Reuse, and Waste Reduction Programs 2007 Solid Waste Management Cost Flows in Washington State Report 2004 Beyond Waste Plan Background Paper: Financing Solid Waste for the Future* 2002 Issue Paper: Solid Waste Costs and Barriers to Recycling